Our Story

The Cupboard is a 10,000 square foot kitchen specialty store. It has been a downtown institution in Fort Collins since 1972, with many loyal customers. Visitors to Fort Collins often make The Cupboard one of their stops in town, and many tell us they wish they had a kitchenware store as good as ours in their city. The Cupboard is larger than most independent and many national kitchen/houseware stores, but it’s our unique approach to merchandise buying that gives you such an extensive selection. A store that’s part of a chain will have its merchandise selected by buyers working at the national headquarters. At The Cupboard, more than 20 of the store employees who help you with your questions and ring up your purchases also spend part of their workdays as buyers. Being in contact with Cupboard customers every day, they know what you like and what you need.

Within our store, you will find a diverse array of merchandise for both food preparation and food presentation. Our selection of merchandise is constantly changing. This is more evident during the holidays when seasonal items are incorporated into the store, such as hand carved gourds at Halloween, hand decorated Russian Santas at Christmas, and a large variety of holiday food and candy. Our job is to make the store exciting and attractive for your shopping enjoyment. Come visit us and see for yourself!

Beyond shopping, please join us for one of our events. Taste some of our specialty foods at one of our regular food samplings. Bring your dull knives in for sharpening. Let us gift-wrap and ship your purchase. Sample our coffee as you browse throughout the store and just enjoy your time here. We welcome you to partake in the rich experience of The Cupboard, and we hope you have as much fun shopping as the staff does working here.

Our History

With no prior retail experience and a $5000 loan, The Cupboard opened for business in the fall of 1972 in the Northern Hotel building at 174 N. College Ave. in downtown Fort Collins. Pioneering customers encountered a few crocks of wooden spoons, some handmade pottery, and an assortment of baskets scattered about the small store. Their requests for kitchen implements not found in Fort Collins steered the inventory towards meeting their needs and in the process helped us define The Cupboard as a kitchen specialty store. Our goal was to provide unique and functional merchandise at reasonable prices that would appeal to all households.

In 1978, needing more space, The Cupboard moved one block south to its current location at 152 S. College Ave. We could now offer a complete array of kitchen gadgets and cookware not found in Fort Collins. By 1989, owner Carey Hewitt doubled the size of the store. Tabletop merchandise, including dinnerware, glassware, and linens had become a logical complement to the original food preparation merchandise. Another expansion was needed five years later in order to accommodate The Cupboard’s cooking classes, a large selection of cookbooks, and a growing inventory of small kitchen appliances, specialty food, candy, and coffee. Though the merchandise is constantly changing, The Cupboard strives to provide a welcoming, exciting shopping environment for their customers in downtown Fort Collins.