Fall (the new love of my life!)

Slow turn from green to yellow to orange or red. The creeping of the fall colors onto the leaves of   the many trees in Fort Collins is enough reason to live here. Fall was never my favorite time of year until I moved here. Although spring still has a warm and fuzzy place in my heart, fall has started to take its place for a variety of reasons.

First, the colors. The slow transition from lime, kelly, and forest green of summer to the tangerine, school bus yellows, poppy reds, and pumpkin oranges of fall puts you in a state of anticipation with each day, with more colors suddenly appearing. The leaves each individually make their own transition till at some point all colors are as vibrant and vivid as you had imagined the first day you started to notice the change.

Second, the sounds. The wind is ever present throughout the fall days. Even if it’s just a light breeze, you begin to hear that breeze more than you did before. It often times starts [Read more…]