Claire’s Favorites: The Silicone Baking Cup

After recently realizing I have an addiction to Pinterest, I decided to start using the recipes I kept drooling over each night.  One recipe I tried was a recipe for baked eggs.  This recipe is extremely simple; mix eggs, some half and half, vegetables, bacon, and cheese.  When mixing in half and half I find it easiest to eye how much goes in, usually half or less then the amount of eggs being used.  The half and half helps the eggs become fluffy. The fun part about this recipe is that you can add anything you would like.  For example, if vegetarian you can add tofu instead of bacon.  I have also used spinach and feta sausage instead of bacon, which gives great flavor to the eggs.  When cooking the eggs in the oven, I heat the oven to 350F and leave them in for 30 minutes.

baked eggs fresh out of the oven

Since I have been making baked eggs in the oven, I have tried many different methods.  I have used the pan, paper, and silicone reusable muffin molds.  When cooking the eggs directly in the pan, it left the outside of the eggs burnt instead of a nice golden brown, and they were hard to remove.  Using paper, the eggs got stuck and they were hard to eat, but the eggs were not burnt around the side, and tasted better than when cooked in the pan.  With silicone, the eggs come out perfect.  The sides are a golden brown, and they pop right out so they are easy to eat, and easy to clean up.  The nice thing about using the silicone is that you can even use a cookie sheet; you don’t even need a muffin tin since the baking cups can stand up on their own.  It is also nice if you have people who eat different foods in the eggs, because you can color code the silicone molds for each person instead of having to remember where they are located in or on the pan.

This recipe is easy and fun for one, or great with families with kids as the kids can create their own egg concoctions.  I enjoy my eggs for dinner, but this is ideal for a weekend morning family breakfast.

a delicious, quick and easy breakfast!