The Cupboard Staff

The Cupboard is a collection of diverse people who work together to order, receive, price, stock, sell, and wrap up each customer’s purchase. Some are younger. Some are not. Some have been here 20 years and some are just starting. Some grew up in Fort Collins, but many have not. The following profiles of The Cupboard staff will give you an insight into the role each person plays in bringing this ever-changing selection of merchandise to you our customers.


Jim is the owner of The Cupboard who grew up in Fort Collins and in The Cupboard itself. He returned to work at the store in 2007 after several years of school and work in California. He especially likes the super automatic espresso machines from Jura, for they make a great cappuccino quickly. In his spare time, Jim loves to spend time with his wife and three children.


Carey started The Cupboard in 1972 and has been active in its daily operation since that time. He still enjoys seeing new merchandise presented well and then being well received by our customers, but the highlights of the business are the staff he works with and the customers who frequent The Cupboard. As a former junior high school teacher, he is excited to teach retailing to staff members, and is particularly enthused about working with his son Jim.


Janet is a  retired kindergarten teacher who has helped us part time since 1980. Working at The Cupboard has been her adult playtime though she might see us all as just big kids. Janet is co-authoring a book about children and their school journey. She loves spending time with her husband as well as her daughter, son-in-law, and grand-daughter, in addition to helping us at The Cupboard in her spare time.


Phoebe grew up in Fort Collins and Timnath, and returned to Fort Collins after graduating from Colorado College. She has been with The Cupboard since (yep) 1984! She loves connecting with customers and co-workers, long-time regulars and newcomers. One of her favorite Cupboard items is her Wuhstof bread slicer. Phoebe enjoys her family, friends, and neighbors. She loves to read, go to the theatre, hike, and discover new ways to minimize her carbon foot-print. She and her dog walk A LOT, observing changing neighborhoods and urban wildlife.


Debbie has been active in the continuing development of The Cupboard since coming to work here in 1989. As an avid reader and cook Debbie is particularly attracted to our cookbook selection, which has over 2000 different titles. She enjoys hiking, skiing, and traveling, as well as spending time with her husband, son, and pet golden retriever. She has the sweetest job in the store – she is the candy buyer!


Patty has worked in many capacities since coming to The Cupboard in 1991, but now she is the store manager, which means she is qualified to herd cats. She enjoys cooking, eating good food, and drinking good wine. Patty is particularly attracted to the beautifully decorated stoneware dishes from Poland. Off hours Patty is outside running, hiking, biking, skiing, and enjoying time with her husband and two daughters.


Kathie is originally from Billings, Montana. She moved to Fort Collins in 1985 but joined The Cupboard staff in 1992 where she has been assisting customers ever since. She loves dishes and her only problem is finding enough cupboard space for all her favorites. Kathie loves to read, cook, garden, and go antiquing, as well as spend time with her husband, her son, and daughter, five grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren. She now works part-time, and still loves interacting with customers, especially at Christmas time, when she is fondly known as Mrs. Claus.


Cherie can troubleshoot anything from espresso machines to food processors and has been solving problems at The Cupboard since 1995. After returning from CSU as a full time student in landscape architecture, she now is in charge of buying coffee and tea accessories, pepper mills, and Asian pottery. Her favorite Cupboard product is the Vitamix blender because it will do everything you want it to do and then some. She loves to garden and play with her dog and cat.


Polly joined The Cupboard in 1996 after graduating from CSU. She is in charge of barware, glassware and managing our receiving room. She loves geeking out over new products, drinking coffee, looking very busy, knitting, and the cottonwood trees in her backyard. Polly spends her time outside The Cupboard with her two daughters, mother, two cats, and one slightly insane dog.

Kari Beth

Kari started working at The Cupboard in 1996 and is now responsible for ordering our extensive selection of specialty foods. Working with local vendors is a highlight for her, and she is partial to our retro towel collection. In her spare time she enjoys reading, baking, spending time with the family, riding with her husband on their motorcycle, and eating blue corn pancakes with pinon and blueberry compote.


Steve joined The Cupboard in 1999 after 12 years working in independent bookstores. He is the buyer of cookbooks, electrics, and wooden carts. Other duties include cart builder, knife sharpener, ClimateWise coordinator and managing the store’s music selection. Favorite chocolate at The Cupboard? Ritter Sport bars! Steve enjoys reading, music, movies, following the Cubs, spending time with family and being outdoors.


Kim put herself through CU as a barista at a local coffee shop, but since coming to The Cupboard in 2004 she has found a new love. Her dilemma at the store is that she loves chocolate, but there are too many kinds to choose from! As a  mother Kim spends most of her time taking care of her three children, being with her husband, and if time permits, reading and watching movies.


Ingrid joined The Cupboard staff in 2006 after much marketing and retail experience and is helps in displaying and merchandising.  She loves to cook and entertain, often using the Colorado Cache Cookbook, the first of four excellent cookbooks from the Junior League of Denver. Ingrid enjoys golf and tennis in addition to spending time with her husband, her two grown children, grandchildren and her two cats.


Maya was born and raised in Hawaii but came to college at CSU and eventually joined The Cupboard in 2007. Her weakness at the store is our chocolate case where we have a wide selection of truffles, petit fours, nut clusters, toffee, and many seasonal candy delights. Maya and her husband enjoy snowboarding, sushi, their two ball python snakes, and their two children.

Maren Marvin


Marin joined The Cupboard staff in 2013 after spending much time in both Germany and the U.S. She is an avid ping pong player and loves to play the recorder. She also loves to bake, cook, felt and weave. Cookware and cutlery are her favorite categories at The Cupboard, so she is a great fit as our cookware buyer.

Dan Folsom


After raising two boys, Christy joined The Cupboard staff in 2013. She is a Colorado native and loves hiking with her family, biking and reading. Her favorite tool in her kitchen is her Henckels knife. She has developed a love for Polish pottery and our gadget section, especially the Charles Viancin silicone lids and the Garlic Twist. Christy is one of our visual merchandisers and orders our wood and metal serving pieces, flatware and granite slabs.

Kira Wever crop


Lori joined The Cupboard in 2015 and soon became the dinnerware buyer. This is a perfect fit, since she owns 8 sets of dinnerware! She moved to Fort Collins in 1972, the same year that The Cupboard was founded. She enjoys gardening, baking and drinking coffee. Not many people can say that they’ve dissected a person, but Lori can! (using her degrees in microbiology).

Cindy Sargent crop


Cindy joined The Cupboard in 2015 after teaching for 21 years. She loves to rock climb, garden and make us laugh! Her favorite Cupboard products include the Polish pottery and Rolf glassware. She likes the school of fish pattern because one fish is swimming upstream. She relates because she marches to the beat of her own drum!


Abby came to The Cupboard in 2016. She was born in Fort Collins and has lived here all of her life. She is currently studying graphic design and business. She loves to snowboard, ski and row on the CSU crew team. Her favorite Cupboard products include our tea section as well as the cookies from Britain.


Susan joined The Cupboard in 2018 and is in charge of the largest category in the store – our gadget section! For three years, she was a Ranger at RMNP and one summer she helped fight forest fires with a heli tech crew. She loves the outdoors and loves hiking, reading, biking, cooking and gardening. Her favorite products at The Cupboard include Lodge cookware, Wellnessmats and our Japanese pottery.


Amie has been at The Cupboard since 2018 and loves the variety of kitchen gadgets, bundt pans and coffee! She loves her family, attending athletic events, camping and travelling. She has lived in Fort Collins since 1970 and is fortunate to have married her high school sweetheart. She is in charge of our bakeware section and managing our sale corner.