Greek Goodness

This months international series took us to Greece! Lemon, olive oil, garlic and oregano filled to store with savory scents. Here is a peak at the recipes!


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The Cook is back-well maybe!

Greetings to all you readers and food lovers out there. The Cupboard Cook has been hibernating but the tummy started growling so the Cook is awake, out of the deep coma, and ready for some good eats. The sad thing is that the Cook has missed the annual trek to the south, as all of the normal stops and friends along the way have been recalled back into doing their respective jobs around the globe. One can never predict what worldly events will crop up. The Cook was greatly anticipating the Gator Sarny that awakens the Cook’s spirit and soul.

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a new buttery rich olive oil at The Cupboard

a new olive oil on the block

Wednesday, The Cupboard was full of activity.  The Breville sales representative was here and all sorts of new products were being put to the test to see if they would make the cut and gain shelf space at The Cupboard.  In this flurry of activity, there was an unexpected consequence, the discovery of an outstanding new olive oil. [Read more…]


Oil Change – Olive Oil

Recall last week we started to change our oil. Then everyone was screaming when the Cook did the old T.V. tag-along….”to be continued”. It just warms to the Cook’s heart to know that there is so much passion about oil especially when it is not 10W40. How can the Cook do anything other than to…. continue.

Olive oil, considered by some as the most popular oil used in the culinary world, has been used since about 2,500 B.C. according to archeological evidence. There are some claims that olive oil was first produced around 4500 B.C. in the region of present-day Israel. Greek athletes were [Read more…]