The History of the Christian Ulbricht German Nutcrackers


Maybe you have a special nutcracker you pull out every Christmas and set on your mantle. Or maybe you have had a dream of making this year the year you purchase a nutcracker, something that will become a family heirloom and will mark the start of the holiday season. A Christian Ulbricht nutcracker is a mark of a Christmas steeped in tradition.  They are still hand-crafted in Germany and the factory is still family owned and operated by Gunther Ulbricht, third generation son of the Ulbricht family.

Originally, the Ulbricht family were miners, but when this traditionally prosperous industry began to dwindle, the Ulbrichts’ needed to find new ways to make a living. They turned to wood-carving.  In 1928, Christian Ulbricht’s father founded the company “Otto Ulbricht’s Workshop for Fine Wooden Crafts and Toys” in the small town of Seiffen, Germany. He was very successful, not only at building toys and crafts, but also for his entrepreneurial skills. He was even awarded a gold medal for his children’s room clock designs and a group of Kurrende singers at the World Exhibition in Paris.

At the end of World War II, the family was forced to flee to West Germany. Otto Ulbricht re-established his company in the village of Lauingen on the Danube River in Bavaria. He eventually handed over his company to his son Christian Ulbricht in 1968. After Germany was reunited in 1990, Christian Ulbricht brought his father‘s original company back to Seiffen, Germany, where it still exists today, now under the leadership of Gunther Ulbricht, third generation son of the Ulbricht family. The company still focuses on hand crafted wood items, specializing in nutcrackers, smokers, and pyramids that help keep the Christmas tradition alive in households throughout the world.

Gunther Ulbricht will visit The Cupboard Sat. Nov. 8th, 2017 from 1 to 4pm to sign your nutcrackers. Purchase a new heirloom or bring your family Ulbricht nutcracker in to be signed by this third generation German artisan!

Watch how Christian Ulbricht Nutcrackers are made:



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