Polish Pottery: a Cupboard Favorite

       In celebration of our 40th Anniversary Sale,

Polish Pottery will be 20% OFF October 1st -7th, 2012   

As you consider adding to your collection during our anniversary sale, (or starting a new one), we thought you might enjoy a little history of this fine pottery.

We started carrying Polish Pottery from Boleslawiec 15 to 20 years ago after it thoroughly charmed owner Carey Hewitt at a tradeshow. We now stock our shelves with a huge selection of the decorative dishes from two of the four cooperatives in Boleslaviec, Poland. While we’ve had them at the store for quite some time, and the Cupboard itself is celebrating  its 40 year anniversary, the history of Polish pottery goes back even further.

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94 cents…The Beginning to Something Great

The Cupboard celebrates its 40th Anniversary!

In preparation for this momentous event, we have pulled out the scrapbooks, dusted off old memorabilia and taken time to reflect back on what being in business for 40 years has meant.

The above picture is a photo of  the original receipt of Carey Hewitt’s very first sale at The Cupboard on November 22, 1972.  Carey shared with us a few of his thoughts about owning a small business for 40 years.

What do I see when I look back over 40 years of retailing housewares and decorative accessories at The Cupboard in Downtown Fort Collins?

The Cupboard opened in The Northern Hotel, in downtown Fort Collins, on November 22, 1972 It moved to it’s current location in 1978.

In short, I see people! A businessman once told me that he found it was more fun to do business than to study business.  Studying business means learning how to make it profitable and that is important, but the excitement comes from working with people.  Customers buying the products we offer keep this business going and challenge us to continually improve our selection and presentation.  I still remember my first sale of three wooden spoons for less than a dollar.

The staff that I work with daily inspires me with their hard work, their enthusiasm, and their dedication.   Over half of our current staff has been at The Cupboard for more than ten years which hopefully reflects an environment of empowerment, teamwork, and respect.

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