Mayana Artisan Chocolate now at The Cupboard

New at The Cupboard-Mayana Artisan Chocolates!

New at The Cupboard-Mayana Artisan Chocolate

The Cupboard would like to introduce our newest chocolate line: Mayana Chocolate! This artisan chocolate company is run by husband and wife team Daniel and Tamara Herksovic out of Wisconsin.

Both led very successful independent careers prior to their joint endeavor with Mayana Chocolate. Tamara was an event planner in Chicago, and Daniel was a chef in some of the top restaurants in New York, San Francisco, and Chicago. That was until Daniel fell in love with Tamara’s smile one fateful evening at a dining event in Chicago. Once married, Daniel went on to open his own catering company and they both eventually worked to create elaborately orchestrated dinners for some of Chicago’s top clientele. This is ultimately what lead to Daniel finding his passion for chocolate.

Wanting to offer his catering customers a sweet treat they could take home at the end of the evening, he began experimenting with chocolate. He found chocolate an enticing culinary challenge-difficult to temper, mercurial in texture; a living ingredient that changes in character according to agricultural and processing conditions. He fell in love with its challenges and sought to study with the masters of the chocolate world: Andrew Shotts, Norman Love, Franck Kestener, Christophe Morel, Jerome Landrieu, and Lionel Clement. Tamara brought her extensive knowledge of design and event planning to the marketing of the company.

In 2008 they entered the Chicago Luxury Chocolate Salon. They went home with seven awards, including “Best in Salon” and “Most Gifted Chocolatier”! Mayana Chocolates was officially on the map. Ten years later they are still going strong with Daniel being named one of the Top Ten Chocolatiers of North America by Dessert Professional Magazine.

All this and more is why we are so excited  to carry this distinctive and delectable line of chocolates. We offer Mayana bars, including such combinations as The Kitchen Sink, with peanut butter, pretzel, crispy rice, fleur de sel caramel wrapped in dark chocolate or The Space Bar, with toasted almond vanilla bean nougat, fleur de sel caramel and dark chocolate. We also carry Mayana bagged toffee, hot chocolate, and a 9 piece boxed set of chocolate truffles. Stop on by and try this amazing chocolate. You won’t  be disappointed!