Spectacular Superbowl Snacks with J Brady Seasonings

Bloody Mary with Outlaw Spice by J Brady Seasoning.

‘The Bloody Outlaw’ with Outlaw Shake Seasoning                                 Photo by Kevin Alexander

The Cupboard welcomes J Brady Craft Seasoning Blends to our shelves. Crafted with love by local Fort Collins entrepreneur and spice aficionado Brady Stewart, these spice blends are guaranteed to spice up your kitchen. Here are three recipes that will make your Super Bowl party shine. And if you want to taste Brady’s seasonings in person, stop by The Cupboard this Saturday February 3rd from 12-3pm as Brady cooks up some delicious treats in our kitchen.

Outlaw Guacamole:


-4 large avocados, peel and pitted

-1 medium red ripe tomato, chopped

-1/4 diced red onion

– clove garlic diced

-1 handful chopped cilantro

-1 tablespoon of J. Brady’s “The Outlaw Shake”


Smash avocados and mix all ingredients together in a bowl. Serve fresh with tortilla chips.

Outlaw Fajitas:

-Choose chicken or beef flank/skirt steak.

-Season meat thoroughly with J. Brady’s “The Outlaw Shake”.

-Cook to through for chicken and no more than medium for steak preferably on a grill.

-Slice meat into strips and serve with sautéed onions and peppers on warm tortillas.

The Bloody Outlaw:


-1-1/2 oz. vodka

-12 oz. Bloody Mary mix

-1 tbls spoon J. Brady’s “The Outlaw Shake”

-Any mixture of snack (e.g. pickled okra, bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers, olives, celery stick)


Coat the rim of a large shaker glass with J. Brady’s “The Outlaw Shake”. Fill glass half full with ice. Pour in vodka and bloody mary mix to top. Spear selected snacks and put in drink. Serve fresh.

Also great on popcorn, fresh fried tortilla chips, and fresh fruit like mango and peaches!