How My Friend Became a Real Food Champion

Meet Leslie Nance, founder of and Lunch with Leslie

Meet Leslie Nance, founder of and Lunch with Leslie a live cooking show broadcast every Tuesday through Friday on Twitter and Facebook

I am not sure there are many in America who’s lives have not been affected by cancer, either directly or through a loved one. Leslie Nance, is a person whose life was radically transformed by cancer, and in her case, this was a good thing. It was December 22, 2012. I was working at The Cupboard. If you are reading this blog, you are likely a fan of The Cupboard and know just how crazy it is on December 22nd. I was on a short break and just about to head back down onto the floor when I received a call from Leslie. She was crying. Leslie never cries. Not like this. I knew this was a moment that I needed to sit down and listen. She told me she had just been diagnosed with breast cancer and she was beside herself. I was stunned. Leslie was someone I considered to be healthy, and she was certainly vibrant and happy, so this made no sense. This felt like a rock being thrown through a window. Leslie struggled with what to do. A barrage of doctors appointments and a lot of fear entered her life. She wondered if she would survive.

Not really knowing how to help, I gave her Chris Karr’s book “Crazy, Sexy Diet” on New Year’s Eve. This was the beginning of many influences that transformed her thinking. As a friend, I watched her go from terrified to empowered. She began to research alternative cancer treatments. She began to change her diet. She realized she could say yes to some things the doctors recommended and no to others. She carved a healing path that was right for her. She changed her diet and started paying attention to what she put into her body and how it made her feel. A year later, she had not only survived breast cancer, she was feeling really good! Her doctors also reported that her health was better than before. She had direct evidence that what she was doing was working.

Inspired, she wanted to share what she was learning with others. She started a food blog, go2kitchens, and began teaching people how to cook and make healthy lifestyle choices. In 2015, Periscope was invented and the ability to broadcast live, from anywhere in the world, using your phone, was now possible. Before we knew it, Leslie was not only broadcasting live, but had started her own cooking show, Lunch with Leslie. She has grown an audience of over 20,000 people (to date) She has inspired so many people to get back in the kitchen (or get in the kitchen for the first time!) and think about their health in new ways. She makes cooking simple, fun and tasty. The knife and cutting board are her key tools in the kitchen and she often says, “If you aren’t cutting, you aren’t cooking!” In 2017 she was nominated for the Shorty Awards in the category Periscoper of the Year and was among the 6 finalists who flew to New York for the awards ceremony. She has been on countless interviews and speaking engagements. Most recently, she, along with her husband Robin Nance and poodle Penny Lane have their own 9 am Saturday morning radio program Fork it Over! on 1310 KFKA where she and Robin talk about all things related to a healthy lifestyle. And believe me, she is only getting started. Leslie is going to be in our kitchen Friday October 6th from noon to 1pm broadcasting live Lunch with Leslie! to help The Cupboard celebrate its 45th Anniversary. I hope you will join, meet Leslie directly, and be inspired to fall in love with your kitchen!

Post written by Jennifer Davey