Football Foods

The leaves are falling, the nights are getting cooler and football season is underway! While it seems pumpkin spice has taken over the culinary world , snack foods are also something to make note of this time of year.  Football games and tailgating are great times to bring out the dips and nachos. This months foodie walk is doing just that. The perfect grub for game night.


Here at the cupboard Marcia got a little over zealous in doing five different sensational snacks. Complete with gluten free, vegan and vegetarian options. All of the tasty recipes can be found here, on our fall themed pinterest board.

There were several ideas that got thrown around that didn’t make it to the table tonight. Most of these ideas stemmed from one all time classic football snack: Nachos

Nachos ,of course, are a Mexican dish of tortilla chips  covered with cheese or cheese-based sauce, often served as a snack. The addition of meats and veggies  really kick it up a notch. If you add an adjective before the word “nacho” a world of possibility opens up. For example Irish Nachos, which were one of our foodie walk snacks. The Irish, instead of using the traditional tortilla chips, uses potato medallions or fries topped with tasty morsels. Still a base that can also be used as a fork to escort deliciousness to your mouth.

If you add the word “dessert” before nachos now you could do something like this:

Dessert Nachos

La Favorita brand cinnamon chips as your base

Top with a can of apple or peach pie filling.

Drizzle with caramel, chocoalte and whipped cream.


Here are a few more ideas.

Italian Nachos

Ritz crackers as your base.

Toppings: Roasted garlic, pepperoini, marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, onion, olive


Greek Nachos

Pita chips as your base.

Toppings: Hummus. gyros meat, olives, cucumber, feta


Wing Nachos

Wonton chips as your base

Toppings: Chicken bits, buffalo sauce, blue cheese, celery cheddar cheese


What kind of nachos can you come up with? We would love to here about them!