What a difference a year makes.

The last weekend in June is a big one here at The Cupboard. Not only is it Fort Collins annual brewers fest, it also marks the first year of local business, Stuff N’ Mallows. Stuff N’ Mallows are the innovative new marshmallow with the chocolate stuffed inside. The problem of a cold chunk of chocolate on an otherwise perfect s’more is no longer an issue. While you toast the marshmallow to your idea of doneness, the chocolate is melting within the mallow, creating the exquisite blend of gooey, melty goodness. The guys didn’t stop at just chocolate either, they also have creme de menthe and peanut butter in their every day line up. When the leaves start falling and the nights get cooler they also bring out the peppermint mallow, great in a cup of hot cocoa or coffee. In the last year, Stuff N’Mallows has been featured on several local media outlets for not only for their phenomenal product, but also for their business plan, all of which started at CSU. As noted on their website ” With help from the university, local community, and friends and family, Stuff’n Mallows launched in the summer of 2013.” We here at The Cupboard are proud to part of the community that has helped them.The Stuff N’ Mallow men, Paul, James, and Tyler, chose The Cupboard as the place to debut their innovative product a year ago. They also premiered their seasonal flavor ,peppermint, here at the store last fall. It is always a pleasure to have them in, when their busy schedules allow for it, as it does on June 28th, for their one year anniversary.

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