The Cupboards First Cookie Contest on Oct. 5

Maybe it’s an old family recipe. Maybe it’s one you came up with yourself. Where ever it came from, most people have a cookie recipe that everyone loves. Now is your chance to show off your cookie capabilities. In celebration of our 41st year in business, The Cupboard will be hosting a cookie recipe contest.

Winners will receive a basket of gift cards from Downtown businesses including Perennial Gardener, Essentuals, White Balcony, Clothes Pony, Happy Lucky’s Tea House, Savory Spice, Bisetti’s and more!

Here’s what you can do if you are interested in participating.

·         Put your name and phone number (and email if you’ve got one) on one of our sign-up sheets at the front counter of the store,  or Email that information to :

·         Find your favorite cookie recipe and copy it onto a sheet of paper along with your name.

·         On Saturday, October 5th between 10 am and 12 noon, bring one dozen of your entry cookies to the store on a disposable plate for our judges to try.

·         Don’t forget to bring the sheet with your recipe on it in with your cookies, so we know how to contact you if you win!

We will be judging in three categories:

*Overall Most Impressive*

*Best Decorated*

*Most Splendidly Unique*

 There will be one winner in each category, who will receive a basket of fun in the form of gift cards from various down town business’s.  Our three judges are all cookie connoisseurs in their own way, including non-other than Mary of Mary’s Mountain Cookies! We are already getting so excited at the prospect of our first cookie contest we can hardly contain ourselves!