Serving Slabs-re-purposed granite from Salida, Colorado

June Foodie Walk Special: (Rock Out with) Serving Slabs

Rustic. Refined. Recycled? Indeed! The beautiful stone serving trays from Serving Slabs are not only striking but sustainable. Started by Derrick and his wife Wendy, the Salida, Colorado-based company gives unused granite that would have ended up in landfills a new life as stunning and solid serving dishes and other home goods. Since April 2011, they’ve diverted an average of 2500 pounds of granite from landfills per month!

Serving Slabs 2While the surfaces of the slabs are smooth and polished, the edges are pleasantly textured; hand-chiseled to complement the natural formation of the rock. Dependably sturdy and uniquely marbled, Serving Slabs are ideal for cheese and crackers (check them out in our Welsh Rabbit  post!), sushi and sashimi and various hors d’oeuvres. (Why not display well-crafted, local foods on well-crafted local pedestals?) The naturally colored stones provide an elegant backdrop for all kinds of epicurean delights: we can’t wait to use one to serve antipasti!

Derrick and Wendy will be joining us, along with Michele Morris of Tasting Colorado, Paula Mitchell of Exploring Colorado Wineries, and friends from The Welsh Rabbit and Ten Bears Winery here at the Cupboard for the Foodie Walk on June 21st from 5 to 8 pm. It’ll be quite the bash, we hope to see you there!