Exploring Colorado Wineries by Paula Mitchell

Meet Paula Mitchell and Explore Colorado Wines!

Many of us know the pleasures of a good bottle of wine. When properly paired with a meal, it can create a plethora of uniquely exciting tastes, taking a home-cooked meal from good to outstanding. However, even some of the most passionate locavores might come up with questions when it comes to nearby wineries. That’s where Paula Mitchell and her book Exploring Colorado Wineries come in. Mitchell has assembled an easy to use compendium of wineries and tasting rooms in our very own state. Believe it or not, there are over 125 and luckily we have Exploring Colorado Wineries to help us discover them.

Mitchell provides readers with all they need for a “backyard” wine tasting tour from maps and directions to space for tasting notes for each winery and even suggestions for other activities to consider along the way. While all of this can help anyone plan a trip to uncover Colorado wineries, we especially appreciate the first few chapters of the guide explaining basic concepts and terminology.  Consider it “Wine Tasting 101”. These really make the whole process feel accessible, even to beginning vinos.

In our interview with Mitchell, she recalled when she first started her personal study of wines. She found that she only had wines from California or Europe to include in her self-guided tastings, and wanted to find some Colorado options to include. While researching, she found that the most recent guide to wineries in our state was published in 2002, when there were only 33 to choose from.  With 105 to visit now, Mitchell decided that she’d have to write her own guide book, and now all of us can “explore” with the help of her resource!

“I think the best part of touring around the state was meeting the owners, winemakers and tasting room personnel,” Mitchell told us. “Sometimes [they’re even] the same people! One of the things with most CO wineries being a boutique winery state, it’s possible to speak with the owner and hear their stories of how they got started and why, and what they want to say about their wine”. While a lot of liquor stores will carry Colorado wines, they usually only include a small percentage of the local wineries’ offerings so traveling to the source is really the best way to sample. She recommends that people plan tasting tours and visit 4-6 wineries a day, all the while taking notes to document their favorite characteristics. “I want people to get out and explore ALL of Colorado’s wineries and find ones they enjoy,” Mitchell said.

Paula Mitchell will be joining us for the June 21st Foodie Walk from 5 to 8 pm at the Cupboard. Come visit to get a signed copy of Exploring Colorado Wineries and ask questions about Colorado wines and their producers. The Welsh Rabbit, Michele Morris of Tasting Colorado, our friends from Serving Slabs and Ten Bears Winery will be there as well. It’s coming up…see you there!