Strawberry Jam.  Photo by Tamara Manning/Flavored Echoes

‘We Be Jammin’

Saturday June 1st 1-4pm. in the Cupboard Kitchen

Join Master Food Preserver Geralyn Karl this Saturday as she demos how to make Strawberry Rhubarb jam while sharing tips and stories to help you can and preserve your favorite foods from the garden or farmers market.

Look for Geralyn’s in store demos and blog posts all summer long.  She is our in store expert here to share her knowledge about canning and preserving with you!

From Geralyn:

Today, the art of food preservation is as much about the “story” behind the filled jar as it is about the “storing up” of the finished product.  It’s no longer just a pioneers need to extend summer’s fullness throughout the year, not just a need to save surpluses. And although one does not have to be a gardener to be interested in canning, I have heard it said that opening a jar of apple butter or vegetable soup in the cold of winter is like “experiencing the joy of gardening year-round.” To share such treats with friends is, well, have you ever had someone return a jar of jam? It is either saved for a very special occasion or doesn’t last a week. Home food preservation equals edible memories.

One of the many joys of being a Master Food Preserver and Foods Preservation Judge is being privy to the journey of foods from field, to family and friends and, finally, to fork.  I have heard from young boys in 4-H who present their venison jerky, laying it tenderly on the table in front of me to be judged (with father looking over his shoulder – but that’s another story) and tell me, with such enthusiasm, the entire version of the hunt, eventually getting around to the part about making the jerky. Or the teenage girl who “cans” with her Grandma, holding up her jar of crystal clear jelly and speaking as if both Grandma and jelly are worth their weight in gold. It surely is more than what’s in the jar…

Over the next few months, I will be sharing my 35 years of experience in creating safe and nutritious and delicious home preserved foods while serving up the opportunity for you to prepare and preserve your own jar, complete with your own story. [Read more…]