Let the Cupboard help you set a fiesta of a table!

Cinco de Mayo

Put together a fabulous table for your Cinco de Mayo party!  Sure to be a hit are our new taco plates in bright fun colors.  They are plastic, so no need to fear breaking one during your fiesta.  Let us help you put together the perfect party table for Cinco de Mayo or any summer party.

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Mexican Quiche

Great for Mother’s Day brunch! This crustless quiche is easy to make and tastes great. Taken from a Cupboard favorite, Colorado Cache Cookbook, it is delicious when served with a variety of salsas. [Read more…]

April Foodie Walk: Sugarworks!

Hot liquid sugar shaped into beautiful forms?!  

Yes, its possible.

Yes, its dangerous!

Yes, you can experience it live this Friday during the Foodie Walk.

From 5-8p.m. Friday April 19th, 2013, Marcia will be shaping sugar into amazing forms as well as showing you how to make delicious hard candies at home.

Marcia graduated from the Le Cordon Bleu Academy in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Here is what Marcia has to say about working with sugar:

I only began doing sugar display pieces  when I was required to for a class in culinary school . While I haven’t done it often since then, I can say that it is great fun. I am excited to have a reason to dust off the old skills I learned in culinary school.  Sugar working is basically melting the sugar to a liquid form and manipulating it as it cools to create glass like sculptures. Not only do they have the sleek elegant look of glass, but they break , just as glass, into tiny sharp shards.  With that being said you may have figured out that sugar working is a dangerous business.  For a good show piece, sugar needs to be boiled to a liquid state no cooler than 300 degrees, though 320 is most ideal . Getting the sugar to boil with out crystallization is the most difficult task.  Once liquid the manipulation is only limited by your imagination. This Friday I will be talking about poured, blown, spun and sculpted sugar as used in display pieces. Once you’ve made the decision to combine your imagination and sugar, you’ll be excited to experiment with all you can create.  If you are looking for a simpler project, I will also discuss making hard candies, which will be a cinch! Hope to see you this Friday at the Foodie Walk.

Sophie Conran dinnerware and Split Pea Jardin linens make a beautiful spring table.

A Bit of Spring Inspiration on this Snowy Day!

After all of the dire warnings with no results, we finally have a spring snow!  Thought we would post a little spring inspiration as we are sure that spring really is just around the corner.  If the weather isn’t cooperating, at least you can prepare your table for spring!  Sophie Conran dinnerware pairs lovely with Split Pea Jardin linens.  The napkins are a fun zig-zag stripe, while the placemats are full of lovely flowers.  The placemats are also reversible, with the zig-zag pattern on the back.  Keep spring in your thoughts and it will be sure to be here soon!

Latest color from Le Creuset-Soleil

Come in to see the latest Le Creuset color: Soleil

Just in! Soleil from Le Creuset.  This sun-drenched color will brighten up your kitchen and remind you of the south of France.  Pair it with Le Creuset Caribbean for a vibrant colorful combination sure to welcome in spring!