Gathering coffee beans at Hacienda La Amistad

Share the Love with La Amistad Estate Coffee

Tucked away in the Costa Rican rainforest is a nature reserve with a surprising secret. In addition to protecting 23,465 acres of virgin rainforest, the verdant land near  the border with Panama is home to Hacienda La Amistad, an extraordinary coffee farm, lodge, and eco-tourist gem. Sustainability is key at the hydropowered Hacienda and they’ve been responsibly harvesting shade-grown coffee since 1940.  It was even organic and fair trade before those terms came into prominence. Since the coffee farm areas are limited to small patches scattered around a small section of the reserve, they have much less of a detrimental effect on the surrounding ecosystems and the integrity of the rainforest can be preserved. The farm also supports 23 workers who are then able to live on the estate permanently. But what does all of this have to do with a distinctly cold February day here in Colorado? [Read more…]