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Pizzelle: The Perfect Cookie for the Holidays

In the spirit of the holidays, we decided to test out Cucina Pro’s electric pizzelle baker and report back to you. Similar to a waffle iron, the pizzelle maker is designed to turn out batch after batch of the delicate Italian cookies printed with intricate flower/snowflake patterns, two at a time. What started as a simple product testing experiment turned into a fanciful holiday party dessert, a couple of homemade hostess gifts, and a whole lot of fun, earning this pizzelle maker a spot in our kitchen.

Pizzelles are traditional Italian cookies made of flour, eggs, butter or oil and extra flavoring like vanilla, citrus or anise. Originating from the same word as “pizza” meaning round and flat, the cookies are particularly popular in Italy around weddings, Easter, and Christmas. They’ve also manifested themselves in other European cookies like the Norwegian krumkake which are essentially pizzelles formed into cones and stuffed with sweet fillings. We love the pizzelles for their crisp texture and light flavor, a nice alternative or accompaniment to the season’s rich fare.

To our delight, the Cucina Pro Pizzelle Baker makes these delectable cookies easy to make at home, surprisingly so! The simple batter can be quick to whip up from scratch (we made ours with a splash of Ouzo, an anise-flavored Greek liqueur) or even faster with Stonewall Kitchen’s Pizzelle Mix available in the store. Basically, you just blend the ingredients together into a wet batter and put dollops onto the hot iron. Press it closed for 30-40 seconds (we often left ours in a bit longer) and open to reveal preciously lacey pizzelles!

After we improved our dough-centering and timing techniques, we were turning out perfect pizzelles by the dozen, and what a joy it was! After letting them cool on a flat cookie rack, we dusted a few with powdered sugar to give them a try. Thin, crisp and yet still pleasantly toothsome, the fresh cookies were simply delightful. While we (rather proudly) enjoyed taking platters of pizzelles to a variety of holiday dinners and gifting them to friends, we couldn’t help but think of the other possibilities. The Cucina Pro Pizzelle Baker could be fabulous into the spring and summer when we could use a Krumkake Dowel (also available at the Cupboard) to shape them into decorative cones for ice cream. While a plethora of pizzelle flavors are out there, there may even be some savory applications (what about piping a soft, tangy goat cheese into a herb-flavored pizzelle cracker?!), it opens up a world of crunchy, patterned possibilities!

 You’ll find the Cucina Pro Pizzelle Maker and accompanying materials at the Cupboard in addition to a wide variety of high-quality products for kitchen and home you know and love. Come in today and get everything you need for holiday entertaining and fun!