Lovely Letterpressing: Cabin Press Studios is Coming to The Cupboard

Denise Newberry will be visiting the Cupboard (with Pica, the letterpress!) this Friday, December 21st for the Downtown Foodie Walk. Visitors will be able to personalize and press their own recipe cards to take home. Join us, Pica and Denise from 5 pm to 7:30 and see the uniquely beautiful art of letterpress for yourself! [Read more…]

Pizzelle 1

Pizzelle: The Perfect Cookie for the Holidays

In the spirit of the holidays, we decided to test out Cucina Pro’s electric pizzelle baker and report back to you. Similar to a waffle iron, the pizzelle maker is designed to turn out batch after batch of the delicate Italian cookies printed with intricate flower/snowflake patterns, two at a time. What started as a simple product testing experiment turned into a fanciful holiday party dessert, a couple of homemade hostess gifts, and a whole lot of fun, earning this pizzelle maker a spot in our kitchen. [Read more…]


Let the gift ideas of Cupboard Employees inspire your own gift giving!

Steve: I am buying ‘French Toast’ by Donna Kelly for my son because he loves French toast and wants to learn to make it at home!

Marcia: I am buying this throw blanket for my brother-in-law and his family because I believe everyone needs a soft and warm blanket to cuddle up with.

a popcorn maker and popcorn makes a great gift!

I am getting my sister-in-law and her family a Cuisinart easy pop hot air popcorn machine because it is simple, fast, and healthy for the family to enjoy a snack on movie night.



Great Gift Ideas from The Cupboard Employees

The holidays are right around the corner and The Cupboard employees are beginning to think about the perfect gifts for family and friends.  A couple of the employees are willing to share their holiday secrets.

Kathie’s gift idea is a Nespresso for her granddaughter who is engaged and was hoping to eventually register for the product.  Kathie is thinking about surprising her so she can enjoy her favorite drink at her fingertips each morning.

Robyn loves the idea of giving gift baskets

Robyn’s gift idea is for her in-laws.  Robyn has chosen a basket full of European and Christmas goods to share for the holiday.  She was especially excited about Hammond’s Christmas candy since her last name is Hammond.  She also loves supporting this local candy company from Denver.

Carolyn thinks the Toddy Coffee Maker makes a great gift for any coffee lover. And its made in Fort Collins!

Carolyn’s gift idea is for her father. She is thinking about giving him a Toddy for Christmas.  It is the perfect system for cold brewing coffee, and is made locally in Fort Collins.