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History of the Cuisinart: 33 Years at The Cupboard

For many of us modern home cooks, it’s hard to imagine life without a Cuisinart. We use them all the time: to whip up pestos or salsas, grate carrots or even make pastry crust. This tool is ingrained in the way we think about cooking. When the first Cuisinart food processor was introduced in the U.S. in 1973, however, it was a totally different story.

People thought it was expensive and, at $150 to $250 in comparison to everything else at the home goods store, it was!  The few people that were exposed to it didn’t know how it could help them with their cooking and found it too bulky to keep around. The countertop powerhouses were introduced by Cuisinart founder Carl Sontheimer, an MIT graduate and successful inventor. He had seen elaborate industrial mixers made by Robot Coupe in European industry kitchens. Inspired, the passionate home cook adapted it and worked out a deal with the company to rename the new product the “Cuisinart” and launch it on the other side of the pond.

Five years later during Christmas season, 1978, the company was doing splendidly, basking in celebrity endorsements from Julia Child and James Beard and gaining popularity all around the country. A year after that, we decided to stock it at the Cupboard. Company employees would come in the shop and give demonstrations and people began to see the value in time and effort a food processor could provide. At one point, Cuisinart couldn’t meet the huge demand and Cuisinart boxes with gift certificates inside were sold for Christmas! We had just moved to our current location it was a very exciting and busy time for our store, as well.

In many ways, our business has grown with the Cuisinart company, expanding as they did with their new product lines. Just as Cuisinart now produces all sorts of different kitchen tools, we carry not only those, but have expanded our offerings tremendously from the first products in our original shop. We are proud to sell Cuisinart food processors and other goods because they are, as owner Carey Hewitt put it, “the best quality product, still!” He’s had his for 30 years, almost as long as we’ve had them in the store, and the “handy tool” is still going strong.

We invite you to come check out Cuisinart food processors and kitchen appliances in our store in honor of our 40th anniversary. Experience the reason these tools have been a customer favorite for all these years.