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Enjoying Izzybelle Chocolate Sauces

Thirty four years ago, the now married Jim and Karen Day had a hankering. Hot nights on the East Coast while the two were in college called for ice cream and, in their book, ice cream called for chocolate sauce.

The two started experimenting and before long, they’d created their own recipe. It became a family endeavor with the Day’s daughter being “raised on chocolate sauce” and it improved constantly for thirty years. The next chapter began while the couple was enjoying the farmer’s market near their home in Castle Rock, Colorado. They loved the fresh produce and local vendors and were suddenly struck with an idea: They could be a part of it, too! They named their new company after their beloved dog and began bottling their blend in 2007. The rest is history.

After coming to the Cupboard in the fall of 2009 and adding raspberry and chili cinnamon flavors to their original offering, the Day’s and their decadent chocolate sauces have become some of our favorites. Their website has recipes and you can like them on facebook, too! Karen’s late-summer favorite? Grilled peaches drizzled with melted Izzybelle’s Original (or, may we recommend the chili cinnamon?!) which she calls “simple and wonderful”. Perhaps you could also serve the original with a nice apple crisp or melt the raspberry sauce into a rich hot cocoa. The possibilities are really endless and we can’t think of too much we wouldn’t enjoy Izzybelle’s on.

Join Jim and Karen at the Cupboard at 1:00 PM on September 1st for a sweet sampling you won’t want to miss!