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Meeting Toddy and Conundrum

We’d like to introduce you to an old friend of ours, Toddy.  Toddy Cold-Brew Coffee System that is, and his new partner in crime Conundrum Coffee Company. Conundrum’s locally roasted coffee has recently joined the premium line-up of coffee at The Cupboard, while the Toddy system has been in the store for over 20 years.   Conundrum Coffee was established by Toddy Coffee Company  in 2011.   Toddy Cold Brew Coffee System was invented in Texas in 1964.

The straightforward design hasn’t changed much since then. “Our customers have said, ‘it’s not broken so don’t fix it!’” says Julia Leach, owner Of Toddy Coffee Company and coffee-lover extraordinaire.  Toddy’s design couldn’t be much simpler.  Basically, you layer water and coarsely ground coffee into the white brewing container and steep it for anywhere from 12 to 24 hours.  After letting it strain through the filter, you’re left with a bold, flavorful coffee concentrate that’s similar to espresso, no heat or electricity required!  From there you can mix it with hot water for a classic cup, add cold milk for a icy latte or use it in a variety of foods or baked goods. The different chemical structure of cold-brewed coffee means the concentrate can be saved in the fridge for up to two weeks meaning extraordinary coffee whenever you want it and, no waste!

Green Coffee Beans

Roasted Coffee Beans

As one can imagine, working at Toddy is a matter of passion for many of its employees. When Julia and her husband were offered to buy the company from its founding family a few years back, they couldn’t pass it up. However, they decided to re-locate the company’s Houston headquarters. “We didn’t want to move to Houston,” recalls Julia, “so we brought ‘Toddy’ home.”  In February of 2010, Toddy Coffee joined the ranks of diverse Fort Collins businesses.  Now, it’s operating hand in hand with newcomer Conundrum Coffee, and doing so with fabulous results.

Julia created Conundrum Coffee in order to create roasts that could give people a high-end coffee that was not only for the connoisseur, but also for the everyday drinker.  She wanted people to use Conundrum to experiment with different brewing methods and find what they like best.  Turns out, it’s doing just that! Working through an importer, those at Conundrum found traceable, predominantly direct trade beans and, after plenty of taste tests are now able to “roast coffee we’re really proud of.”  When it came time to start selling, Conundrum and the Cupboard were “a good fit from the start.” (We’re so happy to have them, and all of the other creative and passionate artisans, here at the store!)

Both Toddy and Conundrum are “a lot of fun” according to Julia.  We think so too, and we like how she and the team are “helping people understand how different brewing systems work.”  When you play around a bit with new ideas and methods, your favorite coffee could get even better.

We invite you to join us at the store Saturday, August 18th for a demonstration of the Toddy Cold Brew System and a wonderful sampling of roasts fresh from Conundrum Coffee.  Hope to see you there!