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product review: cuisinart immersion blender

Immersion Blenders. Do you have one? Want one? Love them or hate them? Do you even know what they are?  We have been selling the Cuisinart SmartStick, blender for some time, but wanted to take a fresh look at what it can do for you in the kitchen. What exactly is an immersion blender? Well, it’s kind of a culinary multi-tool used primarily  to blend, puree or otherwise chop/mix ingredients right in whatever bowl or container you may be using. We like to think of it as a smaller, handheld food processor with a few usage modifications.

Immersion blenders first came on the American scene in the 1980s but the original was invented by Roger Perrinjaquet in Switzerland in 1950. He called his design the “Bamix” coming from the French “battre et mixer” meaning beat and mix, cleverly enough. By the 1960s, the blenders were already well established in professional European kitchens.

Today, there are quite a few models to choose from. We decided to test out Cuisinart’s Smart Stick and report back to you. This blender has a cord and a 200-Watt motor in addition to a detachable and dishwasher-safe blending shaft. We found that clean up was a breeze, a quick rinse was all it needed for most jobs before the shaft was snapped back on and was ready to go again.

We were surprised by how this immersion blender won such admiration in our kitchen. Suddenly, we were using it for everything: emulsifying sauces and dressings, whipping up a quick summer pesto or making crepe batter. The Smart Stick also excelled at one of the immersion blender’s top claims to fame: pureeing soup. We used it on a summer squash and fresh corn chowder (no cream!) and had absolutely stunning results. Our only negative finding? While the size of the blade head is small enough for most vessels, it is a bit too small to reach and blend large chunks of ice in smoothies or mixed drinks. It’ll whip up ice-free smoothies in a jiffy but you might want to leave the ice crushing to the counter-top blender.

blade of the Cuisinart Smart Stick Blender


Though it may seem like another extravagant gadget, we found the immersion blender to be anything but. It has more than earned its (particularly compact!) space in the kitchen. While we don’t want to get too hasty in thinking about school just yet, and immersion blender could be a wise addition to a newly-independent and space-deprived student as it can perform most of the functions of a bulky food processor and an unwieldy blender at a fraction of the size and cost. Not to mention it’s really perfect for smaller portions and so easy to clean!

This test definitely convinced us of the value of an immersion blender and the Cuisinart Smart Stick could be the perfect choice. If you agree or are at least curious to find out, stop by the store to see for yourself.