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mammoos: lovely local chocolate fudge spread

Inside every jar of Mammoo’s Chocolate Fudge Spread is a heartwarming story. The smooth chocolate spread is the manifestation of Kristie Cotter’s family legacy. Adapted from her Grandmother’s recipe for chocolate candy, the spread’s appeal was undeniable. It also created an interesting niche in the local food market for Cotter and her family. After years of experimentation, Cotter finally captured the essence of her Grandmother’s traditional treat in a form that was far more versatile.

The spread currently comes in Original Milk Chocolate and Chocolate Peanut Butter flavors and while it’s perfect right out of the jar, it’s also stunning paired with almost anything. Fresh fruit, crackers, pound or angel food cake all make lovely vehicles for room temperature indulgence while ice cream and milk scream for a drizzle of melted Mammoo’s. And who would deny you the pleasure of adding it to your morning routine:  spread on toast, swirled on cereal or stirred into coffee? We can’t think of a sweeter way to start the day. [Read more…]

Zoku Pops

Cool Summer Fun with Colorful Zoku Quick Pops

Summer is officially here and things around the Cupboard are definitely heating up. With temperatures rising into the 90s, we have one thing on our minds: cooling down. What better way to refresh ourselves than with that cold summer classic–the popsicle–made quick and easy with the new Zoku countertop Quick Pop maker?

Essentially, after the Zoku base has been fully frozen (just stick it in the freezer for 24 hours), all you need to do is whip up a filling and you’re good to go! With the re-usable plastic sticks in place, the filling can be poured in and the pops will actively freeze right before your eyes. The pops can freeze through in as little as 7 minutes and the process can be repeated three times per slot before having to re-freeze. This, however, is just the beginning.

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This year the Sidewalk Sale goes inside and the vendors come outside!

Annual Summer Sale

This year The Cupboard is flipping the inside out and the outside in for its Annual Summer Sale.  Traditionally, bright and early Thursday morning, Cupboard employees don their Cupboard T-Shirts, fuel up with coffee and sticky buns, and carry out a small store’s worth of sale merchandise onto the sidewalk.  Armed with sunscreen in the morning and rain tarps in the afternoon,  we greet customers, watch for rain, and hope for tremendous sales so as to lighten the load when taking the merchandise and shelves back into the store each night.

This has been an annual tradition since the beginning of the sidewalk sale.  I’m not sure how it really became so big. Surely the first year of the sidewalk sale we had one or two tables of sale merchandise.  However, somewhere along the line it grew to tremendous proportions.  This year, however, we are flipping things around.  The sale will be held inside at the front of the store.  The same amount of fabulous merchandise will be found at great prices…just inside, in the air-conditioning. [Read more…]


MM Local: Preserving Summer Sunshine

As all of that gorgeous summer produce is coming into season, we foodies can have a lot on our minds. Hypnotized at our farmer’s markets by bright offerings that grow steadily larger and more flavorful with each passing week, many of us can’t wait to get home and whip them into something delicious. Those long winter months seem a distant memory but there is always the idea of that rather daunting task, canning and preserving summer harvests, lurking somewhere in the depths of our brains. The idea can be stressful, even for the experienced canner, as summer produce can arrive in all its full-fledged glory and be gone in a flash.

Luckily for those of us in Northern Colorado (and across the state) some lovely fellows from Boulder have taken out the guesswork.  In September of 2009, Jim Mills and Ben Mustin launched MM Local, with the vision to fearlessly provide customers with fabulous, local fruits and veggies year-round through preserving.  They partner primarily with small, organic growers across the Front Range and Western Slope to get produce at the peak of its season and then keep their products pure, simple and scrumptious. [Read more…]

Jackie Harris and her dad Jeff Harris

Dads Blend

Dad’s Blend wasn’t just inspired by my Dad, he actually created it! I started my business from scratch about 8 years ago. At the time, I was a student at CSU with a dream of one day opening a cafe and roasting coffee right there in-house. My Dad has always told me to follow my dreams and although he wasn’t thrilled that I had emptied my savings account to pursue that dream while still a college student, he quickly became my biggest cheerleader. [Read more…]