The Kitchen Aid Blender–a versatile kitchen tool to have around

My son recently came back from a service trip to Nicaragua, and one of the local foods he got to try was a non-alcoholic pina colada.  He loved the fresh, sweet combination of pineapple and coconut, served frozen with crushed ice on a 90-degree Central America day.  He wanted to relive the experience at home (minus the humidity!), so he requested pina coladas for cocktail hour on Thanksgiving Day.

I knew we didn’t have a blender at home strong enough to crush ice (I have no excuses since I work in a kitchen store), so I borrowed the Kitchen Aid KSB560 blender we have on display at the Cupboard.  One thing I quickly learned about it–it’s LOUD!  This blender is so strong (.9 horsepower) that it sends ice cubes flying in the carafe as soon as you turn it on.  It crushed 3 cups of ice cubes into snow powder in less than 30 seconds, just the right consistency for frozen drinks.  It also did a good job blending the cream of coconut, pineapple and ice into a refreshing concoction that made everyone happy.  We added some light rum for the adult batch, and that made everyone happier.  While it didn’t taste, according to my son, quite like what he had in Nicaragua, it was a pretty close substitute.

The knowledge I gained from this experience is this:  a powerful, versatile blender is an essential tool to have on hand in your kitchen.  Though it can be uncomfortably loud at times, the Kitchen Aid blender really does the job.