Dish of Apple Blueberry Cobbler

Nancy’s Apple/Blueberry Cobbler

This dessert has been a favorite of The Cupboard’s owner of for over 20 years. Bake it for dessert and enjoy it for breakfast the next morning. Add Polish pottery and the presentation is stunning!


6 – 8 large golden delicious apples, peeled, cored, and sliced
1 c. fresh blueberries
1 c. sugar
1/2 t. cinnamon
1 c. flour
1/3 c. butter, melted
1 egg
1 t. baking powder
3/4 t. salt


  • Place apple slices in buttered 9 x 12 baking dish; top with blueberries.
  • Mix 1/2 c. sugar with cinnamon and sprinkle on top of apple/blueberry mixture.
  • Prepare topping: Mix 1/2 c. sugar, flour, baking powder and salt in small bowl; add egg and melted butter and stir together.  Mixture will be dry (resembling cookie dough).
  • Drop by spoonfuls over apples and blueberries.
  • Bake @ 350 degrees for 1 hour or until crust is golden.
  • Serve with whipping cream or ice cream.