The Best Guacamole? Maybe so!

     The Cook trusts that you are having a great summer season and that all of your BBQ and patio parties have been culinary successes. The Tour de France moves into the last week…my how time flies…and one can say that those lads are having a bit of a go at it. Very hard work that! Each rider can use up to 6000 plus calories per day. Just think how many pastries that is per day! Well- pedal on boys, only one more week to go till Paris.

     The Cook has certainly not expended that many calories per day during the last two weeks, although it seems as if the Cook has consumed that many per day with all of the festivities.  One bit specifically comes to mind, a guacamole recipe that peaked the taste buds of the Cook, who is not particularly a guac. fan. This recipe hails from origins at the Boudros Texas Bistro on the San Antonio Riverwalk in Texas, USA. The unique flavour that makes this guacamole stand out comes from the slow roasted peppers and the smoked and roasted Roma tomatoes. The Cook found this guacamole was great as a dip but really shinned as a condiment to chicken and pork. Easy to make! Highly recommended!


Boudros Texas Bistro Guacamole

juice from ¼ orange
juice from ½ lime
1 avocado – seeded and scooped out of skin
1 or 2 smoked, charred, peeled, and dice Roma tomatoes
1 Serrano pepper, roasted, seeded, and finely minced
1 tablespoon medium diced red onion
1 teaspoon chopped cilantro
salt and pepper to taste.

      Squeeze juices into a medium bowl. Add the avocado and then coarse chop with a fork or knife. Add the remaining ingredients and fold into the avocado-juice mixture. Add salt and pepper to taste. The final product should be coarse in texture. Do not mash or blend. Serve immediately or hold for up to an hour in the refrigerator in a tightly covered container.

      The Cook also had an opportunity to play with a kitchen gadget that moved up to the top spot on the leader board, the Maillot Jaune of kitchen devices in the Cook’s tour – the Vitamix Pro Series blender. We’ll talk much more about this tool in a future article, but for now, the Cook is off to sip some Cote d Ventoux, eat some cheese, and watch the lads give it a bash in today’s stage of the tour.

 Thanks for reading and see you next time.

 The Cupboard Cook