Come meet your farmer Saturday April 30th at The Cupboard

The start of the next growing season is upon us and The Cupboard wants to encourage all cooks, beginning to expert, to support local agriculture, whether it be through your own garden, farmer’s markets, or joining a CSA.  This Saturday April 30th, at The Cupboard, a few of our many wonderful local farmers will be in the store from 1 to 4 pm.   They [Read more…]

Ready for an Oil change – Cooking Oils That is!

Ready for an oil change?

You may have missed the Cook in recent weeks. The Cook’s computer suffered a drive crash. The Cook is not sure if that refers to a drive shaft, drive train, drive- thru or what. Remember, the Cook is not a techno. The Cook has a rotary dial phone and prefers the Remington 1919. No, that is not a weapon, although if one was to drop it out the fourth floor window, it could do some serious damage to any target below. It is a trusty old [Read more…]